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Al-Awdeh does not rule out an 'Arab Spring' in Saudi Arabia

Renowned Saudi Islamic preacher Sheikh Salman Al-Awdeh said that he "does not believe in 'devilling' the Muslim Brotherhood" even though he does not promote their ideology, explaining that, "his country Saudi Arabia had celebrated the Brotherhood and supported them both politically and in the media during the rule of former President Gamal Abdel Nasser."

Al-Awdeh, who has been accused of destabilizing his country, told Morocco's Hespress news that his calls for political reforms in Saudi Arabia are a "warning cry of the dangers that destroy countries from the inside and not conspiracies from the outside." Al-Awdeh did not rule out the possibility that Saudi Arabia might witness an "Arab Spring" of its own just like any other country.

The Saudi preacher said that, "Morocco has succeeded in overcoming the crisis with minimal losses and there are hopes that it will offer a unique experience to other countries in the region about the political and civil transfers of power." He also praised extremist Salafis in Morocco for intellectually retreating from extremism.

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