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Free Syrian Army denies secret negotiations with Assad regime

February 11, 2014 at 1:13 pm

Colonel Malik Al-Kurdi, the Deputy Commander of the Free Syrian Army, has denied claims that his group is conducting secret negotiations with officials from the Syrian regime, pointing out that the Free Syrian Army rejects on principle “the secret negotiations”.

Al-Kurdi told Anadolu news agency that talk “of conducting secret negotiations behind the scenes aims only to create a disagreement between the opposition factions, which oppose or accept those negotiations. If the Free Syrian Army intends to negotiate, then the negotiations would be conducted openly, with the participation of all the opposition factions, and on the sole condition of ‘the departure of the regime’.”

The Independent newspaper published an article yesterday, in which Robert Fisk claimed that the Free Syrian Army was holding secret talks with senior officials in the Assad regime, and that the initiative aims to find a solution to the conflict that has been raging in Syria ever since March 2011.