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Israeli analyst: There is a golden opportunity to defeat Hamas with Egypt's help

The famous Israeli analyst of Arab affairs, Ehud Yaari, is urging Israel to take advantage of the historical situation that the Arab region is going through to "defeat" Hamas with the help of Egypt.

Yaari, a commentator on Israeli television's Channel Two, also said in an interview with Maariv newspaper that Al-Sisi's actions are "excessive" and have not only affected the Islamists, but also figures of the liberal opposition.

For example, Ehud noted that a large group of the liberal opposition's senior leaders have now left Egypt, citing Ayman Nour, who went to Lebanon, and Mohamed El-Baradei, who went back to his home in Vienna.

In regards to the Gaza Strip and Hamas, he stressed that there is now a golden opportunity to topple Hamas in Gaza. He called on Israel to take advantage of this and said, "Today we can clearly see a mutual interest between Israel and Egypt."

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