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Life in Gaza at a standstill after tunnels destroyed and the Rafah Crossing closed

February 11, 2014 at 2:20 pm

The Palestinian government in Gaza announced on Wednesday that it is suffering severe shortages in medicine, food and fuel.

It also said that more than 9,500 Palestinian residents, including 4,500 students, patients and holders of foreign passports, are in urgent need to travel through the now completely closed Rafah Crossing.

According to the government report, most of the medical services in Gaza have been halted due to the shortage of medicines that used to be smuggled from or through Egypt.

It also said that non-urgent surgical operations in hospitals have been postponed because of the shortage of fuel that runs electricity generators.

Municipal sources reported that their filtration plants started pouring raw sewage water into the sea because there is not enough fuel to run on.

Minister of Local Services Mohamed Al-Farra said that the shortages of fuel are affecting the work of the 250 underground water wells and the 25 water storages. “This affects the ability to offer clean water to most households,” he warned.

Regarding construction projects, three massive housing and road pavement projects have stopped due to the shortages of construction materials. Tens of factories also stopped working because of the shortages of fuel.

Life in Gaza has become increasingly difficult ever since the recent Egyptian military campaign in Sinai that led to the destruction of tunnels between Egypt and Gaza and the closure of the Rafah Crossing, the only outlet into and out of Gaza.

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