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UN human rights rapporteur says world court should question Israeli occupation

February 11, 2014 at 10:28 am

The UN’s Special Rapporteur for human rights in the occupied Palestinian territories has suggested that the General Assembly should “seek an opinion” from the International Court of Justice about Israel’s occupation. Richard Falk told the UN human rights committee that the UN should take this step if the current peace talks fail.

Israel is very critical of Falk for his courageous reports on its human rights violations against the Palestinians. Earlier this year, Israel’s main ally and protector, the United States, questioned Falk’s capabilities in the role of rapporteur. He defended himself by pointing out that he is only doing his job.

According to Associated Press, Professor Falk told the UN committee that Israel’s occupation is “an affront to international law”.

Israel’s mission at the UN made no immediate comment on Falk’s remarks, although newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth said, “If the assembly ever approved such a resolution, Israel would be highly unlikely to accept any ruling by the Hague-based court.”

It is known that Israel seeks to discredit any recommendation made by the UN regarding human rights violations against the Palestinians. In March 2012, the then Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman issued an order to cut all relations with the committee when it announced its plan to discuss the effects of Israeli settlements on the Palestinians in the occupied territories.