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Gaza's residents commemorate fifth anniversary of international efforts to lift the siege

February 13, 2014 at 12:32 am


The Popular Committee against the Israeli Siege on Gaza commemorated on Thursday the fifth anniversary of the first ship that visited Gaza in 2008.

During the processions of this occasion independent member of the Palestinian Legislative Council Jamal al-Khodari called for opening a water passage for the Palestinians in Gaza to connect with the outside world.

“In the light of the current tight measures of the siege and the complete closure of the Rafah crossing, an international power must be formed immediately to put pressure on international and Israeli stakeholders to guarantee the lifting of the siege,” Al-Khodari said.

“The Israeli occupation wants the Gaza Strip to continue under siege,” Al-Khodari continued, “and it wants to paralyze all sides of life.”

Al-Khodari explained how much the Israeli occupation is oppressing Gazan residents. “There are ample gas fields by the Gazan coasts but the Israeli occupation prevents them using this gas and overcoming the chronic electricity shortage where they live.”

Mohammed Asad

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