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Haniyeh calls for the formation of a broad national coalition to reject negotiations

Gaza: Ismail Haniyeh, the head of the Palestinian government in Gaza, warned against the Palestinian Authority's resumption of negotiations with the Occupation, describing it as a "catastrophic choice" urging them to abandon this option.

During his speech at the special session of the Palestinian Legislative Council held on Tuesday at its headquarters in Gaza City Haniyeh called on the Palestinian Authority's President Mahmoud Abbas to withdraw from the negotiations with the Israeli Occupation. He also called for the establishment of a "broad national coalition to declare a rejection of negotiations and stick to the Palestinian national fundamentals," adding that "most of the factions have a readiness to embark on setting up this alliance, at both internal and external levels."

He pointed out that "the return to negotiations reflects the state of failure and frustration" experienced by the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah, stressing that political choices cannot be built on the basis of concessions.

"Negotiations are a symptom of a disease in the idea of political action, institutional structure, and Palestinian performance which constitute the conscience of our people and our nation" he added, emphasizing the need to start re-building the institutions of Palestinian decision-making, which would lead to correcting the Palestinian choices and decisions.

Haniyeh described the return to negotiations as a "catastrophic option" which lasted for twenty years. "The Palestinian people reaped nothing from negotiations but destruction, while the Israeli occupation is its sole beneficiary" he said.

Haniyeh demanded an end to the Palestinian division, saying that ending this division will be an important step on the road to re-building Palestinian institutions.

Haniyeh saluted the Egyptian martyrs and detainees, declaring the Palestinian people's solidarity with the Egyptian people. He also saluted the Supreme Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood Dr. Mohamed Badie, who was arrested by Egypt's pro-coup authorities.

He expressed hope that Egypt remains the sponsor of the nation's project and the Palestinian people in particular, denying accusations of Palestinian interference in Egypt's Sinai or Egyptian Rafah.

Haniyeh denounced the Egyptian fierce media campaign that aims to force Gaza's name into the events and the clashes that take place in the Sinai between the Egyptian army and militants. These media policies come to justify any future policies against the Gaza Strip and the resistance," he said, calling for "all the wise men inside and outside Egypt to put an end to this anti-Gaza campaign."

Haniyeh also denied that contacts with Egypt have been cut off as a result of the current events in Egypt.

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