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Israel to build artisan well on Palestinian land in Jerusalem

February 13, 2014 at 2:56 am

The Israeli water company Mekerot announced on Monday its plan to carry out a joint project with the Israeli municipality of Jerusalem to construct a new artisan well on 30 dunams of Palestinian land in Silwan, the Wadi al-Hilwa Information Centre said.

Based on an advertisement for the project, the information centre said the municipality is planning to change the area from an open space into a place for organised projects and to build an artisan water well.

The information centre said that residents in the neighbourhood have the right to appeal against the project with 60 days.

In addition, the information centre said that as a part of the project, a road from the middle of the ‘The National Park’ is going to be opened in order to afford access to the well.

A Palestinian resident who lives in the area, Shadi Samareen said: “Residents in Wadi al-Rababa’ a, part of what Israel calls ‘The National Park,’ are prevented of renovating their homes and planting their lands under the pretext of being in ‘Public Spaces,’ while Israeli companies do whatever they want.”

Samareen added: “Residents hold Othmani documents which prove their ownership of their lands.” He said that the documents were approved by the Israeli Land Authority and the Israel Justice Ministry.

The information centre said the Israeli municipality of Jerusalem placed water tanks in Wadi al-Rababa one year ago. The tanks are filled with water from two wells in the area and supply the Israeli settlers. However, Palestinians in the area are prohibited from using this water.

In addition, the information centre warned of more land confiscation for projects serving settlers. The centre pointed out a proposal to open a restaurant suggested by settlers, but residents appealed against it.