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King says no confederation between Jordan and Palestine before establishment of a state

February 13, 2014 at 2:56 am

King Abdullah of Jordan said on Sunday that there will be no confederation between his country and Palestine until and unless an independent Palestinian state is established. Such a move would, in any case, he added, be subject to the will of both peoples. The Jordanian monarch was speaking during the graduation ceremony of the 26th class of Mutah University’s Military Wing.

Stressing that his country has a moral responsibility to help the Syrian people, the King confirmed nevertheless that Jordan will take all possible and necessary measures if the crisis across the border threatens his country’s security.

Abdullah II confirmed that Jordan is working regionally and internationally to find a solution to the crisis in Syria which would allow refugees to return to their homes. He called for a political solution which will preserve the integrity and unity of Syria.

With regards to the Palestinian issue, the king said that Jordan will continue to support the Palestinian people until they achieve their full rights and establish an independent state with East Jerusalem as its capital. Talk of a confederation is, he suggested, “premature and out of context”, as it would need the state to be established before it could even be discussed.

Talk about the resettlement of Palestinians in Jordan is “unacceptable”, said King Abdullah. “I do not wish to speak about this subject again,” he insisted. “We in Jordan support the Palestinian right historically and will not change our position; we sponsor the Islamic and Christian sanctities in Jerusalem in full coordination with the Palestinian leadership; and we will continue to look after the holy sites in Jerusalem and support the steadfastness of the Palestinian people in Jerusalem until the establishment of an independent Palestinian state.” He will not accept a solution to the Palestinian issue at the expense of Jordan.

The king then went on to mention the many challenges facing Jordan. “These challenges, that are imposed on us as a result of regional conditions and global crises, must be dealt with wisely and responsibly, and within the given data and the regional and international circumstances as well as our limited capabilities.”

He called for violence in Jordanian society to be addressed at the grassroots level, through the application of justice without fear or favour so that citizens have full confidence in state institutions. “The flexibility that some institutions have shown is not weakness,” said the king. “Jordan is strong and capable of protecting the properties of Jordanian citizens, and is able to enforce the rule of law; there is no one stronger than the state.”

The King closed with a message of pride and appreciation to the Jordanian tribes, armed forces and security services who have made sacrifices in maintaining the security and stability of Jordan.