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Palestinians take to the streets in support of Egyptians

February 13, 2014 at 12:54 am


Palestinian activists took to the streets of Gaza on Wednesday evening in support of the Egyptian people after the bloody crackdown on peaceful pro-Morsi protesters in Cairo. They responded to calls on Facebook to gather in Gaza Square in central Gaza City, from where they marched to the Palestinian Legislative Council building.

Most of those who took part in the demonstration were university students. Chanting anti-coup slogans they condemned the massacres carried out by the Egyptian security forces. They demanded a return to constitutional and democratic legitimacy and respect for the electoral will of the people.

The people of Gaza have strong links with the Egyptians. The Gaza Strip was under Egyptian administration from 1948 to 1967 during which time strong kinship and social ties were formed.

Egyptian police officers supported by soldiers used deadly violence to clear the pro-Morsi protests from Rabaa Al-Adawiyya and Al-Nahda Squares on Wednesday. The death toll is reported at more than 500 and rising, with thousands more wounded.

MEMO Photographer : Mohammed Asad

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