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Racist graffiti found in Christian cemetery in Jaffa


Unknown vandals have desecrated the Orthodox Christian Cemetery in the occupied city of Jaffa. Several broken tombstones and others covered in racist graffiti were discovered on Thursday morning. The words "Price Tag" and "revenge" were in evidence.

"Price Tag" was also sprayed on the door of the home belonging to Tel Aviv District Judge Khalid Kaboub and several other houses and cars in Al-Jabaliyya district. The Israeli police force says that it has launched an investigation but no one has been arrested as yet.

"This is a criminal act that must not be ignored," said local resident Mahmoud Aghabria. "Racism in Jaffa is spreading and we fear that the government and the police are not doing anything to those who are behind the 'price tag' acts. If Arabs had desecrated a Jewish cemetery I am sure arrests would have been made within hours."

Meanwhile, Al-Aqsa Foundation for Religious Endowment and Heritage condemned the attack on the Christian Cemetery. The foundation said that the desecration was most probably carried out by extremist Jewish groups as it is similar to other crimes in occupied Jerusalem and the West Bank.

Official silence from the authorities about such attacks encourages the perpetrators, said the foundation in a media statement. "The racist policies and laws of the Israeli government help extremist groups to carry on with their aggression against Arab citizens," it said. "Joint Christian-Muslim efforts should be exerted to stop such crimes."

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