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Al Sharq Al Qatari: Dahlan helped members of al-Qaeda cross into Egypt

February 14, 2014 at 12:26 pm

In the past two days the Hamas movement has briefed Egyptian security authorities on a vast amount of intelligence documents they obtained after entering the headquarters of the Palestinian Preventive Security Service and the Palestinian Intelligence amid Hamas’ ouster of its rival, the Fatah movement, from the Gaza Strip.

The sources were quoted by Maareb Press as saying that the information provided in those documents reveal the involvement of Mohammed Dahlan and Rashid Abu Shabak’s group in cooperation with Israeli and American intelligence on a regular basis, and that they were trying to blame Egypt for drugs smuggled from Israel via the Gaza Strip. They were also reportedly promoting hundreds of thousands of counterfeit dollars in tourist areas in Sinai to strike tourism there.

It also referred to the ‘role’ played by Dahlan and his group who were provoking Sinai’s Bedouins to threaten the Egyptian authorities that they could seek political asylum in Israel. According to Hamas, Dahlan’s group are also involved in smuggling members of ‘terrorist organizations’ into Sinai to carry out operations against Egyptian tourist facilities there in order to strike the industry for the benefit of Israeli tourism, and also to drive a wedge between Egypt and Hamas by claiming that violent elements are loyal to Hamas.

The same sources said that the documents also revealed that Dahlan commissioned a large number of Fatah elements, who are operating in Arab countries including Egypt, to gather intelligence from those states, and then pass it to Mossad and the CIA.

It discovered that Dahlan gave orders to his men to eavesdrop on the Egyptian diplomatic mission in Gaza and its contacts with Cairo, and to tap the Egyptian security delegation. He was also involved in the kidnapping of a member of the delegation in Gaza, Col. Hussam El-Musili, last year, before he was released after Egyptian pressure.

The documents pointed to the involvement of Dahlan and Abu Shabak in killing a number of Hamas’ figures, where smart surveillance devices were planted to enable Israeli jets to determine the exact location of the Palestinian figures targeted for assassination, as in what happened with Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, Dr. Abdel Aziz Rantisi, and others. Dahlan was also reportedly involved with Mossad in slow-poisoning the late Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, with the aim of getting rid of him.

The documents showed that among the tasks assigned to the Palestinian Preventive Security Services in Gaza, was to spy on the Egyptian forces in Sinai in terms of how many were present and what equipment they had, as well as monitor any Egyptian security elements that may be covertly present in the Palestinian territories.

The documents also show the involvement of the Preventing Security apparatus in the management of an attempt to assassinate Ismail Haniyeh upon his return from Egypt through the Rafah crossing in December last year so as to embarrass the Egyptian security services and to drive a wedge between Hamas and Egypt.

SOURCE: Al-Sharq – Doha, 05/21/2013