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Arab League chief describes Israel as threat to security

The Secretary General of the Arab League has warned member states of Israel's threat to their national security. According to Nabil Al-Arabi, of particular concern is the threat to the region's water supplies.

Speaking at the beginning of the fifth term of the Arabic Ministerial Council for Water Issues, Al-Arabi said: "The biggest danger to Arabic national security is Israel, especially its proclivity to seize Arab water sources." He noted that the water crisis in the region has political, legal, economic and security dimensions, none of which can be separated from the ongoing conflict with Israel.

"The bases of international law include rulings related to the use of international rivers," he continued. "They guarantee that no projects will be carried out if they harm partner countries." He went on to make specific reference to the Ethiopian Al-Nahda Dam, which is currently being built on the River Nile and which will have a detrimental effect on Sudan and Egypt.

The Arab League chief called for the Water Issues Council to develop a strategy for water as a matter of urgency in cooperation with regional and international bodies.

"Water is a vital issue and, therefore, it needs much greater efforts and wider participation to cater for the human and development needs in the Arab world," he stressed.

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