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Jordanian government denies closing its border to Syrian refugees

February 14, 2014 at 11:57 am

A senior Jordanian government official has denied that Jordan has closed its borders to Syrian refugees over the past few days, and stressed that the border remained open to refugees as usual.

He told Al-Ghad newspaper that “Jordanian procedures are proceeding on as usual,” and pointed out that the Syrian army’s resumption of control over the areas near the Jordanian border might have limited the number of those fleeing to the Jordanian kingdom.

The official said that Jordan adopts a firm position towards the Syrian refugees, and there is no justification for the closure of the borders or for preventing them from seeking refuge in Jordan. He also stressed that Jordan is committed to the Refugee Convention and other relevant international conventions.

Sources from the Syrian opposition said that Jordan had closed the border for “security reasons” on the eve of the Core Group of the Friends of Syria’s meeting yesterday.