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Missiles fired into the occupied Golan Heights

February 14, 2014 at 12:35 pm

Israel announced on Monday that a missile fired from Syria landed in the occupied Golan Heights near an Israeli military patrol. No injuries were sustained.

This follows incidents last Wednesday’s in which several missiles were fired on the Jabel al-Shaykh ares.

The Sunday Times newspaper has reported that, following the recent Israeli air strikes on targets in Damascus, the Syrian army has set up advanced land – land missiles capable of reaching Tel Aviv.

The level of preparedness along the Israel-Syria border has also increased, as the occupation has intensified its preparations and readiness for a possible new escalation.

In response to the wave of Israeli air strikes on Syrian, Damascus has said that one of the targets was a scientific research compound in the countryside. However, no reference was made to any of the other targets, which according to reports were arms shipments to Hezbollah.