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Strategic Syrian crossing with Israel under fire

February 14, 2014 at 9:13 am

Syrian regime forces have retaken Quneitra Crossing in the Golan Heights after rebel forces seized control of it early on Thursday morning.

Israeli radio reported that rebel forces had taken control of the crossing after a number of mortar bombs were heard in the area. Israeli forces sealed off the crossing from the occupied side of the Golan Heights. They also asked farmers to leave their farms fearing harm from the shootouts.

A statement from the opposition information centre reported that the rebels had taken over the crossing leading to Beit-Jin in the Jabal Al-Sheikh area. The statement said that the crossing fell in to the hands of rebels after they had targeted it with mortar shells. They also targeted the Sa’sa area with mortars.

The Beit-Jin area is adjacent to the armistice line between Israel and Syria. It is connected by several alleyways to Shabaa Farms in South Lebanon.

Ha’aretz reported Israeli sources as saying that the Israeli Defence Forces see the capture of Quneitra as key to the fighting given its strategic location, on the road leading from South Syria to Damascus.

Just hours later Ha’aretz reported that Israeli soldiers, positioned in lookout towers, saying that regime forces had regained control of the crossing.

Arabic satellite channel Al-Arabia said that heavy fighting is still taking place.

Syrian regime forces previously lost control of Syria’s border crossings with Iraq and Turkey. Syrian borders with Lebanon and Israel remain under continuous unrest.