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Defence Minister says Israel will "respond" to any attack

February 15, 2014 at 1:25 pm

Israel’s Defence Minister warned on Wednesday that his government will respond to any attack against the country, the Israeli media has reported. Moshe Ya’alon was speaking amid claims that a missile was launched towards Israel from the Gaza Strip and Syrians exchanged fire with Israeli forces on the occupied Golan Heights.

“Israel holds Hamas responsible for everything that is fired from Gaza,” Ya’alon warned. “We will not in any way allow a routine of rocket fire steadily dripping on our civilians and soldiers.” He ignored the fact that Israel is laying siege to Gaza and the territory is still regarded as “occupied” by the UN and international law. As usual, an Israeli spokesman claimed that Israel is the victim of Palestinian aggression when, in fact, it is the Palestinians who are the victims of Israel’s occupation, to which the rockets are themselves a “response”.

Moreover, the minister insisted that Israel’s policy is the same in the occupied Golan Heights. “We have no intention of ignoring fire from Syria towards Israeli territory, incidental or not, and we will respond with a strike.” He blamed the regime of Bashar Al-Assad “for what is happening in Syria”.

No casualties have been reported from either incident.