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Hamas official slates Fatah for perverse thought that Gaza blockade will help reconciliation

February 15, 2014 at 1:28 pm

The Deputy Chairman of the Hamas Political Bureau has slated Fatah for trying to postpone the visit of Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan to Gaza next month, because it “gives legitimacy” to an “illegal” government and “will not help reconciliation process”. Mousa Abu Marzook said that anyone in Fatah who, perversely, believes that the continuation of the blockade of Gaza by stopping important visitors will somehow help the reconciliation process is “very much mistaken”.

Abu Marzouk was responding to a bizarre statement made by a senior member of Fatah’s supposedly “Revolutionary Council” trying to justify the move to persuade Recep Tayyip Erdogan to postpone his trip. In a statement on his Facebook page, Abu Marzook said, “Free individuals are not led by sticks, and the suffering of our people in Gaza only strengthens their will. National unity is the choice of everyone in the Gaza Strip because it is the way to victory and putting an end to the division is in Palestinians’ best interests.”

He pointed out that Erdogan’s visit to Gaza will contribute to breaking the blockade, just as the visits of Egyptian Prime Minister Hesham Kandil and other Arab leaders contributed to putting an end to Israeli aggression last year.

“People do not forget those who support them in hardships and those who back our enemy,” he added as he thanked the Turkish prime minister. “The Palestinian people know who is blockading them and who is working towards breaking this blockade.”