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Tunisia’s Al-Nahda offers a political plan ending with October elections

Tunisia’s al-Nahda Movement which is part of the National Constituent Assembly has called on all political forces to accelerate completion of the draft constitution by mid-April so that a popular referendum may be held on it in July. This, it is hoped, will open the way for elections to be held in October.

In a statement made on Tuesday, al-Nahda called on all blocs and MP’s to avoid marginal discussions and urged them to attend sessions without absence as well as to activate their participation. It affirmed its commitment to dialogue and consensus on the Constitution and the committees on amendments, the date for elections and the success of this transitional and sensitive phase of Tunisia’s history.

The bloc pointed out that in December it had taken the initiative and made an announcement at a press conference about the importance of clarity, particularly the determination of the political and electoral stations in the country, so as to emerge from the transitional phase in the shortest possible time.

It also expressed its keen interest in amending the rules of procedure so as to allow for the adoption of a clear calendar within the next week.

The movement mentioned that the al-Nahda bloc proposals include the following basic appointments: providing the constitution’s draft and publishing it in mid-April; the ratification of the date of the constitution as the beginning of July; and setting the date of the elections (presidential and legislative) for the first half of October.

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