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Israeli warplanes block unidentified civilian aircraft over the Gaza Strip

February 16, 2014 at 3:32 pm

Palestinian security sources have said that on Wednesday evening [13.02] Israeli warplanes unexpectedly breached the airspace over central Gaza and blocked a medium sized civilian aircraft which had suddenly flown into the airspace above south western area of the Sector.

Sources added that the unidentified aircraft was over southern and central Gazan airspace for quite a while flying at medium altitude before it encountered the Israeli warplanes which accompanied it until it left Palestinian airspace in the direction of Egypt.

Local residents noted that the plane intercepted at medium altitude had its lights on and was then flanked by an Israeli F-16 on one side and an Apache Aircraft on the other as it was escorted away.

Palestinian sources speculate that the plane most likely belonged to a private Egyptian airline and had veered off course during a domestic flight.

No comment on the incident has been issued by either Israel or Egypt.

The spectre of unidentified aircraft entering Gazan airspace has occurred repeatedly of late as a result of radars at Gaza’s international airport in Rafah having been destroyed.