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Syria's Brotherhood criticises Iranian request to include Syria Crisis in (5+1) negotiations

February 16, 2014 at 3:32 pm

The spokesman for the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria, Zuheir Salem, has criticised the proposal by the assistant Iranian Foreign Minister for Affairs in Asian Countries, Abbas Iraqiji, to include the Syrian and Bahraini crisis on the agenda of Iranian negotiations with the West scheduled to be held in Kazakhstan on February 26. Salim considered this demand a direct interference in the sovereignty of two Arab states and that Iran was working toward occupying them.
In a written statement to the press released today [14.02.], Salem expressed regret that this proposal, which he described as ‘dangerous’, had not been met with an appropriate or deserved Arab reaction; neither on the level of the Arab Community nor that of individual Arab states.

He said, “If the fate of two states and two Arab nations are included within the file of internal Iranian issues, and the fate of these two peoples are considering as trade-offs on the negotiation table of the Iranian nuclear file, after this proposal it will become greater than just a conspiracy, and more than Iranian odiousness and will deserves more than just condemnation and criticism, not only against its friends but against all those who still believe that Iran is a part of the solution.”
Salem called on the Syrian opposition to upgrade its dissidence to correspond with the challenges facing Syria saying, “The distractedness of the leadership of the various organs of the Syrian opposition away from undertaking their duty to challenge all that Bashar al-Asad and his partners – Russia and Iran-weave against the country, the people and the Syrian revolution is a kind of cowardice or abandonment of the most important of duties; distractedness becomes silence and a form of dubious complicity.”