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Al-Ghannouchi: Arab revolutions are biggest supporters of the Palestinian resistance

February 17, 2014 at 11:19 pm

The President of the Tunisian Renaissance Movement, Sheikh Rashid al-Ghannouchi, has strongly criticized the Syrian-Iranian attack on Khalid Meshaal, head of the Hamas’ political bureau, for supporting the Syrian people’s demands for freedom and dignity. He also stressed that “abusing Meshaal only serves the enemies of the nation.”

In an exclusive statement to Quds Press, al-Ghannouchi stated that Khalid Meshaal’s decision to stand with the Syrian revolution is the correct one, saying: “Khalid Meshaal is the leader of the most honourable revolution and national movement in the world. He leads the nation’s central issue, and is at the head of the leadership of the most honourable and just cause in the world; attacking him will only serve the enemies of the nation.”

He added: “We did not know that Khalid Meshaal had denied the help of either the Syrian or the Iranian regimes, however, it is the duty of anyone who leads a revolution, to show support for the other revolutions.”

Al-Ghannouchi called the on the Iranian regime to support the Syrian revolution, saying, “We expected from the Iranian regime, to stand by the Syrian revolution. And this is what we said directly to the Iranians; we told them – you are the fruits of a revolution, and that there is no difference between the regimes of the Shah and Bashar Al-Assad.”

Al-Ghannouchi played down the impact of the attacks on Meshaal and the Palestinian resistance explaining that, “The resistance has received its largest support following the outbreak of the Arab Spring, and this is the reason behind the horror experienced by the Israeli entity. The Palestinian revolution is a profound, historic revolution that extends into the nation and is known for its stamina. It has always been exposed to shocks and tribulations, but it has proved to be more powerful than any of them. That’s why it will triumph, God willing.”

Al-Ghannouchi believes that the Syrian revolution is getting closer to achieving victory, saying: “The Syrian regime is now surviving on external support. This cannot give legitimacy to any system and cannot constitute a guarantee of victory. No one doubts that Syria is witnessing a genuine revolution in which its cities, villages and countryside are participating. Violence and the sword cannot achieve victory against the revolution of this people, and so with the grace of God, their victory is coming soon.”