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America has $800m worth of military equipment stockpiled in Israel

It has been reported in the Israeli media that the United States has $800 million worth of military equipment, including arms and ammunition, stockpiled in Israel. This, it is claimed, could grow to $1.2 billion worth of weapons and equipment for use by the United States in case of war, and for use by Israel "in case of an emergency".

According to Channel 2 TV, a report by the US Congressional Research Service reveals that this military equipment includes missiles, armoured vehicles and artillery shells. Apparently, America has stored weapons in Israel since the early nineties as part of US-Israeli "strategic cooperation".

The report also revealed that during the second Lebanon war of 2006, the United States gave approval for Israel to have access to the emergency stockpile by the US military command in Europe, EUCOM, which is responsible for the military stores kept in Israel.

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