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Arab and Muslim responses are below level of Israeli aggression

February 17, 2014 at 11:20 pm

The General Comptroller of the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya, Bashir Al-Kabta, has called on the Arab and Islamic countries to work towards supporting the Palestinian people in Gaza “with all means”. He pointed out that the natural resources with which Allah has blessed the Arab and Muslim regions, particularly oil, could be a trump card to put pressure on the West to offer more substantive support to Palestine and its people.

In his statements to Quds Press, Al-Kabta pointed out that the Arab and Muslim responses to the Israeli assault on the Gaza Strip are still below the level of Israel’s aggression. “Something should be done about this in what are difficult circumstances,” he said. “Unfortunately, a lot of us still resort to statements, condemnations and denunciations; these are the methods of the impotent, as shown by experience.”

With regard to support for Gaza, the Brotherhood official noted that the whole world must know that Gaza is still under occupation. “Israel is sidestepping the real issue and source of the problem, which is its occupation and blockade of Gaza in breach of international laws and conventions.”

Nevertheless, he continued, the Arab countries have not been successful in presenting the Palestinian issue at a global level. “Economic resources can play a role in this,” he added. “The Creator has blessed our countries with significant natural resources, and many of these countries are oil exporters to the west; this should be used to put pressure on the west to support our people in Gaza.”

The Muslim Brotherhood in Libya called for demonstrations in support of Gaza and as a rejection of the Israeli aggression. “We need to support the resistance, materially and morally,” he insisted, “and demand that our government plays a role in protecting the people of Gaza.”

Mr. Al-Kabta suggested that Libya could send a formal representative to the Gaza Strip. Furthermore, he said that the Brotherhood will try to convince the Libyan government to send an official delegation to Gaza as the Egyptian and Tunisian Islamists have done.

When asked if the Brotherhood in Libya is concerned about a backlash from the Western governments which helped the people of Libya to gain their freedom, Al-Kabta replied, “We call on the Westerns countries which helped us to get rid of Gaddafi’s tyrannical regime, to help the Palestinians to get rid of the injustice of the Israeli occupation.”