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Arab League official accuses Israel of being behind Sinai bombings

February 17, 2014 at 11:18 pm

The Arab League’s Deputy Secretary-General for the affairs of Palestine and the occupied Arab territories has claimed that the Israelis “are more likely” to have been behind the latest bombings in Sinai than any other group. Muhammad Sabih warned of the risk of conflict between Egyptians and Palestinians following the explosion at a military site on Egypt’s border with the Gaza Strip.

In press statements issued on Monday, Sabih said, “Those who gave the orders for Israeli tourists to leave Sinai a few days ago know who is behind these killings.”

The third-party plans to spread chaos in the region and bring about a rift between the people of Palestine and Egypt, he added, “but they will fail, due to the level of awareness in the two nations and their interdependence.”

According to Sabih, “The Arab League stresses the importance of vigilance and caution towards the parties which want to create a crisis which will lead to talks about issues far from the core of what matters to the Arab nation: the end of Israel’s occupation of Palestine and the establishment of a Palestinian state.” Diversions are, he alleged, being created to keep Israel away from any accountability for its crimes.