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Barghouti: there is no scope for negotiations because the people are living in a state of war

February 17, 2014 at 11:15 pm

Elected Palestinian legislator Mustafa Barghouti has expressed his belief that the meeting held in Amman between Palestinians and Israelis will not have any benefits. The General Secretary of the Palestinian Initiative bloc said that Israel “should not be allowed to use [the meeting] as a pretext for its settlement war against the Palestinian people.”

“There is no scope for negotiations with the Israelis at all, because the Palestinian people are living in a state of war, a war waged against them by Israel through settlement activity, illegal settlers and Judaisation policies,” said Mr Barghouti. The Middle East Quarter is still “unable to make any decision about putting pressure on the Israelis,” he added.

“What’s really important,” he continued, “is giving some thought to the practical steps which should be taken collectively on the 26th of this month.” As the date specified by PA President Mahmoud Abbas for announcing the success or failure of the Quartet’s efforts, Barghouti believes that “this will be a decisive date; it will reiterate Israel’s unwillingness to take any step toward peace or negotiations.”

With regards to Palestinian reconciliation, Barghouti, who is also the head of the freedom committee in the occupied West Bank, said that efforts are being made to move forward. “Despite the slow progress on some aspects, there is progress and some issues have been resolved.”

The Palestinian Legislative Council member revealed that he met with President Abbas and discussed issues related to the reconciliation agreement. He also met with the Interior Minister in Ramallah, Said Abu Ali, and they spoke about political detention and passports. “The passports issue has been resolved. Any citizen can communicate with the committee in this regard,” he said, pointing out that the Minister also responded positively about political detention, in accordance with the principles agreed in Cairo.

In closing, Mr Barghouti said, “There is always scope for progress in reconciliation, and for continuous and intensive work to overcome any obstacles which hinder its implementation on the ground.”