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Egyptian Freedom and Justice Party will work in support of the Palestinian cause

February 17, 2014 at 11:15 pm

Egypt’s Freedom and Justice Party, having won more than 46 per cent of the seats in the next parliament, has confirmed that it will lend its full support to the Palestinian cause and the restoration of Palestinian rights. The Muslim Brotherhood’s political wing stressed taht it is also supporting the steps being taken by Cairo towards Palestinian reconciliation and the end of the divisive split.

The party’s statements were made during the visit of Hamas Political Bureau Head Khaled Meshaal to its headquarters on Saturday. Mr. Meshaal met Dr. Mohamed Morsi, the Freedom and Justice Party Chairman, along with a number of other leaders.

Mr. Meshaal congratulated the party on the results of the parliamentary elections, and expressed his hope that it will continue to make progress for the benefit of Egypt. He emphasised the importance of the role played by Egypt in supporting the Palestinians; the public support that has been ongoing since the beginning of the Israeli occupation and the political support embodied in the efforts to end the Palestinian division and lift the siege imposed on the Gaza Strip.

In response, Dr. Morsi confirmed that the Palestinian cause “was, is and will always be in the hearts of the Egyptian people and the Freedom and Justice Party”. He said that it was one of the key drivers of the Revolution of the Egyptian people, who rejected the actions of the former regime towards the Palestinians, especially the regime’s lack of support for the brave resistance against the occupation.

Dr. Morsi added that the party will support the establishment of a Palestinian state on all of the occupied territories, with Jerusalem as its capital. “We will also work on the right of return for Palestinian refugees,” he said.

During his stay in Cairo, Khaled Meshaal met the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, Dr. Mohammed Badi’a, and members of the Brotherhood’s Guidance Bureau. Dr. Badi’a stressed the need to complete Palestinian reconciliation at the earliest opportunity, based on “well-founded principles which satisfy all parties and unite them with full strength in the face of the Israeli colonial project”.