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Egyptian presidential candidate says fear of Islamists is unjustifiable

February 17, 2014 at 11:14 pm

A candidate for the Egyptian presidency has said that there are no reasonable grounds for the fears arising out of the success of Islamist parties in the first stage of the country’s parliamentary elections. Magdy Hatata called such fears “unjustifiable”. All of the Islamists, he reminded everyone, are Egyptians first and foremost, “and they have respect for that”.

In a statement published in Cairo on Wednesday, Hatata noted that the Islamist candidates went through the electoral process that was supervised by judges: “We have to respect that,” he said, “and shouldn’t rush to pass judgement.”

Calling on politicians, writers, journalists and media professionals – “those who like to create divisions in Egypt” – to fear God and unite in this sensitive time, he urged Egyptians in those areas where the second phase of the elections is to be held to make sure that they go out and vote. “The next parliament is potentially the most important in our country’s history,” he said, “so the people must participate in choosing its membership.”