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Egyptians agree on new election law

February 17, 2014 at 1:50 am

The sixth session of Egypt’s “national dialogue” has resulted in an agreement on a new parliamentary election law. The news was announced by the head of the legal committee responsible for the process, Salim Al-Awa.

Addressing a press conference, Mr. Al-Awa said, “All participants in the sixth session of the dialogue agreed on the draft law which was reviewed and adopted completely by the president. He sent it to the Ministerial and the Shura Councils to pass it.”

In a sign that the president is obligated to reinforce the principles of consultation, as promised earlier, Al-Awa said that Mohamed Morsi has waived his right to pass the law and sent it to the two councils to make the decision. President Morsi, said Al-Awa, wants to demonstrate that he is working with experts, not simply “loyalists”.

According to the new law, independent candidates will be allowed to stand for elections in unified lists and minor lists have the right to include partisan and independent candidates. “These are new achievements for the minor and independent candidates,” the former presidential candidate said.

Regarding the representation of women, Al-Awa clarified that the new law stipulates that tickets consisting of more than four candidates must include at least one woman. No one who enjoys executive authority or a public position will be able to stand for parliamentary elections.

The legal committee head said that the next phase of the national dialogue is planning to discuss suggestions on the Constitution which was passed last week.