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Former public prosecutor hampered trials of Mubarak officials

February 17, 2014 at 1:50 am

The former Egyptian public prosecutor, Abdul-Majid Mahmoud, hampered the trials of officials from the ousted regime when they were charged over the killing of protestors and financial corruption, AP reported on Thursday.

The current prosecutor can re-charge Mubarak and his aides after finding new evidence which proves that they knew about the violence which took place during the revolution, as well as the involvement of army officers in that violence. Mubarak has always denied that he knew anything about such violence. However, according to AP, a new investigation has revealed that the ousted president was watching a live broadcast of events through an encoded TV channel while inside his palace.

President Mohammed Morsi has asked for the latest findings to be submitted to the new Public Prosecutor to investigate them. The latest information will, claims AP, increase popular pressure on the president to re-prosecute Mubarak, his aides and the interior minister.

Ahmed Ragheb was a member of the investigation team: “The findings of this report should play a part in the democratic change,” he said. “They should play a big role in reforming the security services.” Mr. Raghed does not expect national reconciliation to take place unless the findings are taken into consideration and the facts about the all issues are revealed, with duly-apportioned blame for those who deserve it.

AP said that this report represents a test for the new Public Prosecutor to see whether he can succeed in prosecuting those responsible for killing protestors. “After the disappointment of discharging those responsible for the violent incidents, Egyptians hope to see justice.”