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Gaza to host manuscript and historical document exhibition

February 17, 2014 at 11:19 pm

Gaza City is preparing to host an exhibition of manuscripts and historical documents prepared by the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities. Examples of Palestinian pounds and stamps dating back to the Ottoman period and the British Mandate will be on display in the historic Basha Palace Museum.

Curator Ahmed Al-Parch explained that the idea behind the exhibition is to inform the current generation of Palestinians that their civilisation and culture run deep. “They also need to be aware of the sacrifices that their grandparents made,” he added.

The exhibition will contain a number of focus areas, including ancient and historic documents, Biblical manuscripts, carvings and a video display. The documents on display include legal certificates for the sale and purchase of land in historic Palestine, a centuries-old copy of the Qur’an and an even older version of the Psalms of David.

“The carvings set out, literally in stone, our people’s history,” said Al-Parch. “Tombstones of some of the great Muslim personalities who helped to write Gaza’s history will be on display.” Visitors will be able to see videos about the legacy of numerous Sheikhs, scientists and scholars from Gaza in topics such as medicine, jurisprudence, history and literature.

The exhibition is part of an educational and awareness programme by the ministry in Gaza within its strategic plan for 2012 for the preservation of Palestinian heritage and development.