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Hunger striker to be deported to Egypt on release by Israelis

The family of Samer Al-Barq, 38, has confirmed that Egypt will grant asylum to the Palestinian prisoner following Israel's decision to deport him after his release. Al-Barq has been on hunger strike for 118 days in protest against his administrative detention for more than two years with neither charge nor trial.

The deportation decision was, said Al-Barq's father, made the moment that Israel arrested his son: "They want to get him out of Palestine," he said. "Due to his deteriorating health, we had to choose the option of seeing him deported in order to improve his health."

Due to the Jewish holidays, the exact procedure for the deportation is still unclear. Lawyers acting for the prisoner and his family have been unable to meet with the relevant authorities.

Whether or not Samer Al-Barq will stay in Egypt or travel on to Pakistan, where his wife lives, is still open to question. The Egyptians have confirmed that he is welcome to stay there but is free to go abroad if he wishes.

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