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Ismail Haniyeh praises Jordanian support for Palestinians

February 17, 2014 at 11:15 pm

The Prime Minister of Gaza has said the he rejects any resolution of the Palestine issue which is made at the expense of the people of Jordan and the kingdom’s sovereignty. Speaking to a delegation from the Jordanian Charity Organisation, Mr Haniyeh also praised their country’s support for the people of Palestine, especially led as it is by King Abdullah II.

The delegation was made up of representatives of the Jordanian Armed Forces, a medical team from the Jordanian Field Hospital in Gaza, and some of the charity’s donors. The head of the group was the JCO’s Secretary General, Ahmed Al-Emian.

Rejecting Israel’s settlement projects, Prime Minister Haniyeh said that so-called “alternative homeland” proposals entailing the transfer of Palestinians to Jordan (completing their ethnic cleansing from their land) are unacceptable. He looked upon the visit by the delegation as a reflection of the will of the Jordanian leadership and the noble policies adopted by Jordan in respect of Palestine. “Jordan’s support has gone beyond political and diplomatic help,” said Mr Haniyeh. “Jordan has embraced many Palestinian refugees and the country’s blood has flowed with ours in our battle for dignity.”

The establishment of the Field Hospital, he added, came about during Israel’s war of aggression against Gaza. “Jordan was the first country to respond and help us to heal our wounds and strengthen our brotherhood,” he said. Mr Haniyeh pointed out that King Abdullah supports 1,500 orphans through the We’am Foundation, a firm indication of the humanitarian link between Jordanians and Palestinians.

In his speech, the Prime Minister took the opportunity to warn of the threats to Jerusalem by the Israeli occupation authorities which are seeking to isolate the Holy City and change the demography by their “Judaisation” policies. “We realise that Jerusalem is still under Jordan’s mandate,” he said, “so we hope that the government in Amman will continue to do all it can to confront and challenge such policies.” He expressed his satisfaction at the development of Jordan’s relations with Hamas.

In reply, Ahmed Al-Emian thank the Prime Minister for his hospitality and said he was happy to be in Gaza “as part of the King’s instructions to support the people of Palestine”.

As is his custom, Mr Haniyeh told the delegation that he hoped that the next time they meet it will be in a free Jerusalem.