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Israel arrests two more elected parliamentarians in Jerusalem

February 17, 2014 at 11:15 pm

Israeli forces arrested two more elected Palestinians parliamentarians earlier today (Monday) after breaking into the compound of the International Red Cross where the two men had been taking refuge. Jerusalem MP Muhammad Totah and the former Minister for East Jerusalem, Khaled Abu Arafeh,were arrested when around 30 officers from the Israeli occupation forces entered the compound accompanied by what is believed to be American FBI personnel. The Israelis confiscated the MPs’ computers, papers and personal belongings.

This latest arrest of elected Palestinian political figures is part of a series of attacks intended to stifle the Palestinian leadership, especially those from the Islamic Movement. Ali Abu Sheikha, a consultant for the Islamic Movement inside Israel, who is based in East Jerusalem, has been prevented from

Abu Arafeh Ahmad Attoun

entering the city for a year. This is regarded as another way in which the Israeli authorities are able to continue their land grabs, house demolitions and building of settlements unhindered by resistance from Palestinian politicians.

Together with Ahmad Attoun, who was kidnapped last year, the Jerusalemite politicians sought refuge in the International Red Cross compound almost 18 months ago.