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Israel blocks electricity repairs

February 17, 2014 at 11:19 pm

Israeli occupation forces have blocked repairs to power lines near the border between Israel and the Gaza Strip. Technicians from the Palestinian Electricity Distribution Company (PEDC) were fired at by Israeli troops using live ammunition as they tried to carry out the repairs.

Cables in northern Gaza which transfer 12 megawatts of power from Israel are in need of urgent repair as the system has been broken for two weeks. Another cable in Khan Younis which supplies 12 megawatts to the city is also off-line.

“Such actions by the Israelis aggravate the electricity crisis which Palestinians in Gaza have been suffering since the beginning of the siege in 2006,” the PEDC said in a press release. The Company called for national and international NGOs to intervene so that staff will be given permission to repair the power lines and avoid further damage to public utility services in Gaza.