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Israel plans espionage against Morsi's Egypt

February 17, 2014 at 11:19 pm

Israeli plans for spying on Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi have been published by the Palestinian news agency Sama. The plans, it is claimed, were prepared by the Mossad and Aman spy agencies.

Dubbed ‘Green Crescent’, the plans were designed to spy on the president’s public and personal activities, even making note of how long he sleeps and the amount of time he spends with his family and neighbours.


It is known that Mossad has compiled a comprehensive file about Morsi, but he is now under more extensive scrutiny since he took full control of the country. His close associates in the presidential team are also believed to be included in the observations. Mossad, it is alleged, is seeking to recruit a spy from within the president’s team to learn what is said behind closed doors where even the bugging devices cannot reach. One of Mossad’s priorities is to know the extent of Egyptian links with the Hamas government in Gaza. Relations with Iran and Turkey are also being watched closely.


Aside from listening devices, the plan proposes a comprehensive propaganda campaign aimed at spreading false news in Egypt. Mossad wants to know whether President Morsi is planning to make serious changes to Egypt’s political and economic policies, and how his relationship with the military is going to develop. Clearly, there are concerns about any possible preparations for war with Israel.

Fifteen Mossad bureaus around the world are expected to target Egyptian embassies and consulates to follow up their work inside Egypt and recruit collaborators. Sama reports that the necessary technology for the plan is being developed by Mossad operatives.