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Israel prepares for a post-Assad era

February 17, 2014 at 1:50 am

Spokesman of the Israeli army, Avichay Adraee, said on Monday that “a developed security barrier” in the southern Golan Heights near the Israeli-Syrian border is now nearly completed.

The barrier includes facilities to collect information, radar equipment and state of the art cameras along the entire border area, Adraee wrote on his facebook page.

Simultaneous with Adraee facebook post, the Israeli army information website published detailed information about the barrier which is being prepared in anticipation of security threats following the prospective deposition of Syrian president, Bashar al-Assad.

Israeli forces are working hard in preparation to deal with “all possibilities.” They are working on preparing fortified vehicles, collecting intelligence information and building barriers on the ground. “The project is being developed under the joint leadership of the northern district and the Ja’ash unit,” Officer Shai Onger, who is in charge of the project told the website. 

According to Onger, the barrier is similar that built along the Israeli-Egyptian border which has proven its effectiveness in facing “security and civil threats” as it has helped undermine numerous attempts at infiltration.

“The barrier will be five-meters high surrounded by barbed wire and surface tunnels in order to bar people crossing the borders,” Onger said. “Work started last month and it is now at a developed stage. I am confident that we are going to finish it soon.”

Meanwhile, Onger said that they had changed the kind of military staff serving at the border line. Whereas “reservists used to serve there, now highly trained Golani Unit troops are serving,” he said. “They offer good protection to the construction process.”

Other highly trained troops are doing well in collecting “high quality” intelligence information, Onger said. Their work is also another part of the whole process of protecting Israel alongside other facilities.