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Israeli authorities seek dialogue with hunger strikers

The Palestinian Centre for the Defence of Prisoners has revealed that officials from Israel's internal security service, Shin Bet, and the prisons' administration have sought meetings with prisoners on hunger strike in Nafha Prison to prevent further escalation of the crisis. The Centre added that the Palestinian prisoners are determined not to back down on what they see as their humanitarian rights.

A statement released by the prisoners confirmed that there has been a short meeting with the authorities but the offer made to the prisoners was rejected. The prisoners are demanding the release of 10 of their colleagues in solitary confinement before they will discuss anything further with the prison management. Israeli negotiators said that they will study the request and get back to the prisoners.

The prisoners' statement added that Shin Bet officers asked them not to escalate the strike, hinting that there is some degree of consensus on the demands. The response from the prisoners was that the situation inside Israeli jails is "unbearable". Anything less than the achievement of their humanitarian demands would, they said, "be a backward step".

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