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Israeli professor says Hamas victory is equal to establishment of a state

February 17, 2014 at 11:20 pm

A professor of political science at Tel Aviv University has said that Hamas “remained standing” during the recent Israeli offensive against the Gaza Strip. According to Professor Shaul Mishal, Hamas’s victory is equal to the establishment of a state in its consequences.

The specialist in Arab politics noted that throughout Israel’s eight-day operation Hamas succeeded in making Gaza the focus of international political activity and attracted attention from around the world. Israel was forced to make concessions, he said, with the result that Hamas has cemented its position in the Palestinian and Arab arena. Indeed, he pointed, Hamas has entered the international arena “through the main gate” and reached an agreement involving the largest of the Arab states and world powers.

“Everyone was waiting to see what Hamas would say,” said Prof. Mishal. “If this was not about Hamas I would award them a medal for their performance.” He added that Israel must have the courage to admit what it has achieved and what it was not able to achieve. “However, I say that with some hesitation, as the real test will show in the days ahead.”

Professor Mishal is the author of The Time of Hamas and is a researcher on radical Islam.