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Jewish settlers break into Muslim shrines to perform Talmudic rituals

Thousands of Jewish settlers, protected by Israeli soldiers, have filled a Palestinian village in order to perform Talmudic rituals. A spokesman for Kafl Hares municipality said that the soldiers cleared the streets and established guard posts on the roofs of various buildings around the village.

According to Ma'mon Boze, the settlers then arrived in dozens of buses, wandering around the village singing and shouting. The villagers, said Mr Boze, were alarmed and disturbed throughout the night. The number of settlers on this occasion is estimated to have been around 10,000.

The settlers claim that the village contains Jewish shrines, but Mr Boze explained that the only religious sites in Kafl Hares are Muslim shrines linked to important personalities mentioned in the Qur'an. "No Jewish connection has ever been made," he added, pointing out that Jewish settlers invade the village on a frequent basis – more than 46 times in the past year – and, as the keys for the shrines are held by Palestinians, the Israeli soldiers break the locks and doors every time.

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