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Jimmy Carter: Egyptian elections have been fair and there is an international consensus on recognizing their results

February 17, 2014 at 11:15 pm

On Thursday, the Chairman of the Freedom and Justice Party, Dr. Mohamed Morsi, met with former US President, Jimmy Carter. During the meeting, Carter addressed Egypt’s parliamentary elections as well as the Party’s stance on current affairs and its vision for the transitional period that Egypt is going through.
According to a press release issued by the political wing of the Muslim Brotherhood, the Freedom and Justice Party, Carter congratulated the Party on the results it had achieved in the elections, asserting that there was an international consensus on respecting the results of elections which reflect the Egyptian people’s choice.

The press release quoted Carter as saying that Carter International has monitored elections in 87 countries across the world, and that it confirms the integrity of Egypt’s latest parliamentary elections and its compliance with international standards of fairness.
Carter called on the Freedom and Justice Party to try to accommodate youth parties that haven’t achieved significant rates of victory in the elections. He also called on the party to increase women’s participation in all fields after remarking that women are underrepresented in the upcoming parliament.
Carter also spoke about the situation in Palestine noting that the Carter Centre had monitored its 2006 elections which were deemed free and fair. However, he added, the United States and the international community had refused to recognize the elections.
Chairman Morsi said that his party believes that Egyptians from across the spectrum ought to take part in drafting the new constitution as it constitutes a contract between the people and the government and should be based on consensus and agreement.
Dr. Morsi asserted the special significance of the Palestine Cause to the Freedom and Justice Party and to Egyptians. The Party calls on the international community to understand the Palestinian people’s needs and their right to establish their state and lift the siege imposed on them.
Morsi added that Egypt was a large country with established institutions, and that those institutions would respect previously signed international agreements as long as all parties are committed to the terms of those agreements within the framework of respect for sovereignty and independence.