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Kuwait opposition threatens to internationalise political crisis

The opposition in Kuwait has announced that it intends to take serious steps toward internationalising its crisis with the country’s government. Former Member of Parliament Adel Al-Damkhy told a press conference in Ferwaniya that according to agreements signed by Kuwait, individuals and NGOs are entitled to address human rights organisations. He pointed out that the same Kuwait which used to take pride in having freedom of expression now has people in detention for expressing their opinions.

Al-Damkhy didn’t specify the nature of “internationalisation” or the international organisations that the opposition will reach out to.

A former speaker of the Kuwaiti parliament, Ahmed Al-Saadoun, said that he holds the government responsible for the attacks on protesters and for not providing protection for those expressing their opinions. He called for the officers responsible for such attacks to be held accountable for their actions.

Opposition leader Jumaa Al-Harbash added that this step is not directed against the nation, but against individuals in the executive branch, reported Turkey’s Anadolu news agency. He noted that the issue is “already internationalised” thanks to the coverage in the international media.

The Kuwaiti opposition is protesting against a change in the voting system imposed by the authorities. Voters will now only be able to vote for one candidate instead of 4. It refused to recognise the results of the parliamentary election held on December 1, which was boycotted by around 60 per cent of those entitled to vote.

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