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More Fatah prisoners released by Hamas in Gaza

February 17, 2014 at 1:50 am

The Palestinian government in the Gaza Strip has released a number of prisoners linked to Fatah in a sign that reconciliation between the two groups is looking more likely. Six Fatah members being held by Hamas were given their freedom on Thursday, along with 20 petty criminals.

Deputy Interior Minister Kamel Abu-Madi said that the order to release the men followed a previous decision that allowed “a couple of Fatah criminals” to return to Gaza as a small but tangible step towards internal reconciliation. The petty criminals, added Mr Abu-Madi, were set free after “promising” to keep away from crime.

“They have completed a reasonable portion of their sentences,” he said, “but we want to encourage them to be good people. They are still a part of society and being under continuous watch for a while is a kind of punishment in itself.” The prisoners who have been released will, he pointed out, take part in official rehabilitation programmes.

The deputy minister thanked his officials, who “do their best” to keep the Gaza Strip safe and stable.