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More settler violence as Israel steals even more land in West Bank

A Palestinian man had his arm broken by Jewish settlers on Monday morning in the southern Hebron suburb of Jaber. Shadi Al-Zarou was attacked by a group of illegal settlers when he was on his way to work. Al-Zarou was left unable to move until bystanders came to his aid and transferred him to hospital.

Meanwhile, another group of settlers attacked the home of Younis Abu-Dayya in Al-Mansheyya village near Bethlehem. Witness said that they wrote racist graffiti on the walls before trying to burn the house down. Local residents prevented the blaze from taking hold.

Also near Bethlehem, the Israeli authorities have confiscated 50 acres of land in Al-Fardis, a village, close to Mount Herodion in Bethlehem. The area is to be declared as a military zone, although the farmers who own the land have refused to agree to compensation.

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