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Morsi annuls controversial decree but insists on referendum

February 17, 2014 at 1:49 am

Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi has annulled the controversial decree which led to demonstrations on the streets of Cairo, but is insisting that a referendum on the proposed constitution should go ahead. The announcement was made after the president had called opposition leaders to discuss the proposals.

Dr. Muhammad Salim Al-Awa, one of the eight members of the committee established to formulate a new constitutional decree, said that as the current constitution was rejected, the president will call for the formation of a new Constituent Assembly within three months, and a referendum on the charter proposed by the new Assembly in a maximum period of thirty days.


According to the new constitutional declaration, “November 22’s declaration has been cancelled while measures taken under the decree remain in force.” One of the articles of the decree stated that all constitutional declarations, including the latest one, have immunity from any challenge in any court and all related lawsuits are considered void.