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Muslim Brotherhood condemns Israeli aggression on Gaza and blames US for giving the green light

February 17, 2014 at 11:15 pm

The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt has condemned the latest Israeli aggression against the people of Gaza, saying that the support given to Benjamin Netanyahu on his visit to Washington prompted the Israeli Prime Minister to act at this time.

In a statement issued on 12 March, the Brotherhood said that Netanyahu returned from America with an inflated sense of his own power after seeing how the US President, Barack Obama, fawned over the Zionist lobby. “America’s submissive attitude towards Israel boosts the Zionist leadership’s vanity and aggression, giving them the sense of immunity which prompted them to start bombing the besieged Gaza Strip, targeting women and children as well as resistance leaders.”

According to the Islamic movement in Cairo, the Israelis “are not only the enemies of life but also the enemies of humanity”. Killing, the Brotherhood’s statement continued, is at the core of Israeli ideology. “Israel wants to ignite the Middle East,” said the statement. “why shouldn’t it, having just received the unquestioning support of the world’s superpower and being guaranteed of the silence of the other Western states?”

The Muslim Brotherhood  condemned Israel’s “brutal aggression” and called on Arabs and Muslims to “wake up and support the people of Palestine in the face of the systematic killings and displacement”. The statement pointed out that the people of the region and Muslims around the world should stand united against the Judaisation of Jerusalem and the threat posed to Al-Aqsa Mosque.

“Palestinian reconciliation is also being targeted by the Israelis,” said the Brotherhood. “We ask the Arabs and Muslims to use all their political and economic means to put pressure on the Governments of the United States and the West to abandon their bias towards the Zionist aggression so that the people of Palestinian can live with dignity.”