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Muslim Brotherhood demands expulsion of Israeli ambassador from Cairo

February 17, 2014 at 11:20 pm

A senior member of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Guidance Council has said that the movement has appealed to the Egyptian leadership, urging it take a decisive stance on the latest Israeli aggression against the Gaza Strip. Mustafa Al-Ghaimi told the Anatolian News Agency that President Morsi should expel the Israeli ambassador and recall Egypt’s ambassador from Tel Aviv.

“We expect the Egyptian leadership to play a robust role against Israel’s violations commensurate with the Israeli aggression,” said Al-Ghaimi. “President Mohamed Morsi lacks neither the Arabism nor the nationalism necessary to assume a firm stance against what is happening, although his decision depends on his overall perspective of the situation.”

He pointed out that widespread demonstrations condemning the Israeli aggression due to begin on Friday may be brought forward by 24 hours. “We must show our solidarity with the people of Palestine,” he said. “We call on the Arab states and their people to demonstrate at the same time.”

Israel’s military offensive, dubbed “Operation Cloud Column”, is targeting the Palestinian leadership in the Gaza Strip, although a number of civilians, including children, have already been killed by the so-called Israel “Defence” Forces.