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Muslim Brotherhood welcomes new opposition coalition in Syria

February 17, 2014 at 11:20 pm

Syria’s Muslim Brotherhood has welcomed the agreement struck on Sunday in Doha between the country’s opposition forces. The meeting in the Qatari capital chose Sheikh Mouaz Elkhatib to be the head of the new coalition. The Brotherhood described the agreement as a “positive step”.

A spokesman for the movement told Quds Press that the group has dealt positively with the new national initiative. Zuhair Salem noted that the Muslim Brotherhood figures who were invited to take part in the deliberations that led to the agreement played their part in the same positive, patriotic spirit, with the movement’s open national perspective and not in the context of narrow factional struggles. He expressed his hope that the Arab media will restrain the sceptics and pessimists during such a crucial time.

“Let us hope also that the make up of the coalition marks the final round in the Syrian opposition’s preoccupation with itself,” said Salem, “so that it pays attention to serving the Syrian national cause, in fulfilment of what the revolutionaries deserve.”

Salem pointed out that the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria has been in an open struggle with the regime since it was established in 1963 and has spared no effort in supporting all national initiatives toward achieving freedom and justice. “When the revolution erupted, with a popular will and under a national banner, the Muslim Brotherhood announced its support in every way it could,” he added.