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Netanyahu uses Syria's chemical weapons as an excuse to threaten military action

February 17, 2014 at 11:19 pm

Israel’s Prime Minister has announced that his government will do everything it can to prevent Syria’s chemical weapons falling into the hands of “terrorists”. Speaking during a meeting with EU ambassadors, Benjamin Netanyahu said that he is considering the possibility of taking military action if need be. He said that the events taking place in the Middle East indicate that aggression can be directed at Israel, “and we cannot take risks”.

Netanyahu mentioned the Iran nuclear issue and praised the economic sanctions imposed on Tehran. However, he added that those sanctions are not enough; the threat will only end when the uranium-enriching centrifuges stop working.

Netanyahu called on the EU parliament to cancel its planned official visit to Iran, scheduled for next month. In Israel’s view, this visit will send a double-message to Iran: on the one hand, the EU is imposing sanctions on Iran; but on the other hand it is reaching out for political dialogue with the Iranian regime.

According to Israel Radio, the Israeli premier called on EU diplomats not to recognise a Palestinian state along the 1967 borders. He also warned that boycotting goods produced on Israel’s settlements will in the end harm Palestinians themselves by taking jobs away from 25,000 Palestinians currently working in settlements.