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No reason for a meeting between Morsi and Netanyahu

February 17, 2014 at 11:18 pm

Diplomatic sources in Egypt have denied Israeli reports promoting a meeting between the President Mohammed Morsi and the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, saying that there is “no reason” for such a get-together to take place.

Speculation about a meeting increased when US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton visited Cairo and then Tel Aviv, apparently to make the necessary arrangements. Egyptian diplomatic sources denied this, describing it as incredible and completely untrue.


If Clinton had suggested such a meeting during her discussion with Morsi and his Exterior Minster, the sources said, “She knows that this is impossible as the peace process is completely paralysed because of Israeli government policies.” Moreover, the general situation in the region does not lend itself to such a meeting, the sources added.


The real reason for the false reports is to embarrass the new president, it is claimed. This was denied, suggesting that Morsi is already aware of the history of Israeli deception.

The meeting between Morsi and PA President Mahmoud Abbas clarified Egypt’s position on the Palestinian issue. That was made clear by Mr Morsi on his first day in office.

Analysts are confident that Egypt’s relationship with Israel will not neglect the Palestinians and their legitimate rights. The new regime will not follow the policies of ousted president Mubarak, who was described by the Israeli leadership as “the lost precious strategic treasure” when he was deposed in 2011.